Diario del Viaje a Escocia de los alumnos de 3º de la ESO

Todos los detalles y muchas fotos del  enriquecedor viaje a Escocia de nuestros alumnos de 3º de la ESO.

Sunday 10th March – Stonehaven

This morning, as it’s Sunday, we were allowed to sleep a little bit longer, and we met at the Leisure Centre at 9am. The organiser of the trip, Clare, had organised Mini Highland Games for our pupils, to give them a taste of what they are and how they’re played. Some of these games were played on the beach front, but we had also hired a hall so that we could be indoors if it was too cold or a rainy day, which wouldn’t be surprising for this part of the world.
The students enjoyed playing these Highland Games: Tossing the caber, rolling the haggis, etc.
Magi Windmill also took part in this morning’s activities. She brought instruments to the hall and asked our kids to prepare a small performance, using their imagination and any of the instruments she had brought. We really enjoyed watching our students having to improvise performances. The criteria to choose the winner group was on how much interest and enthusiasm they put on it, and they had to try and include English into their show. It is important to work together as a team.

After the Mini Highland Games, our students got an hour to play basketball. It is important to do some kind of sport when you are traveling for so many days. It increases group cohesion too! We had a nice time.

We walked back to the harbour to visit the Tolbooth Museum, situated right at the harbour. It is a very small museum, but our kids really enjoyed it, in particular, learning about the Scottish tradition of the Fireballs in New Year’s Eve. If you’re curious about this tradition, you can have a look at this link (highly recommendable – although you need to be wearing lots of layers if you want to attend, as it is one of the coldest nights in the year: http://stonehaven.org.uk/stonehaven-fireballs-ceremony/
Our pupils were even showed how to swing the fireballs and what they were made off. They were quite surprised with how heavy they were. It is an impressive show, to see these men and women whirling these enormous balls of flame down the street and throwing them into the sea.

In the afternoon we walked up to the Station Hotel for a Ceilidh dance. A group of Scottish dancers came to show us the type of dances which they traditionally dance in this area. They then showed our students what they had to do, and everyone got up and did it! We were so happy to see them taking part in a Scottish dance! They really enjoyed this experience, and so did we!
Some of the Scottish host families and some of the students from Mackie Academy managed to come along too, which made it an interesting experience for our pupils.

11th March 2019
The city of Edinburgh

We had an extremely early morning start to take our bus down south to visit the popular city of Edinburgh. We started our visit at the
National Scottish Museum. The building is quite impressive both from the outside and the inside. There’s a variety of Natural History, Science and Technology, Scottish history and other types of exhibitions. We even managed to see the famous “Dolly, the sheep”, which was the first ever successfully cloned mammal. She was cloned in Edinburgh 20 years ago.
There was a lot of interactive games for the students which they really seemed to enjoy. Even though we spent the first two hours of the morning there, we didn’t manage to see all of it. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, we strongly recommend this visit. Make sure you go with plenty of time!

We left the museum at midday and walked up to Edinburgh Castle to see the views from up there and have lunch. We’ve been blessed with the weather, as it’s been very sunny and that really helps!

Down the Royal Mile again and we gave our pupils a bit of time to go shopping along Princess Street. They all wanted to get some souvenirs for their parents and, of course, for themselves.

In the afternoon, we made our way through the Royal Mile down to the Scottish Parliament around 3pm. We split into two groups, just to make it more manageable. Our guides took us round an hour guided tour. They explained not only what goes on at the Parliament on a day to day basis, but also the impressive architecture of the building, which was designed by a Spanish architect, Enric Miralles.

We were allowed to see the Debating Chamber where all the MSPs debate the different laws regarding Education, Health and Social Services, Environment, Sports and the Art, etc. However, some issues remain the responsibility of the UK Parliament, such as Defence, Employment, Immigration, or Foreign Policy amongst others.

After the visit to the Parliament, we walked to where our driver George was waiting for us. Back to our base camp, the beautiful fishing village of Stonehaven and surrounding area.

Tomorrow morning, we will take the same bus down to Edinburgh airport and it’ll be the end of our trip. It has been a wonderful experience, both for teachers and students. We have enjoyed meeting lots of Scottish friendly people, our lovely host families, the teachers and pupils at Mackie Academy, and a long etcetera. Thank you, Clare Plastair and Language Travel Tours for helping us organise such a wonderful trip. We are certain our students will remember this trip forever.

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