Voyage en Écosse pour les élèves de 3ème

Nos élèves se trouvent ces jours-ci en Écosse, où ils approfondissent leurs connaissances en anglais tout en découvrant de nouvelles cultures. Voici leur récit et les photos.

The class of 3ème flew from GC to Glasgow the 7 March 2019. We arrived safe and sound and we met our host families in the small fishing village of Stonehaven.

Day 1 – 8th March 2019

We went for a walk along Stoneheaven beach. A local coastal ranger called Helen gave us some information about the different types of pebbles and the geography of this area. Our students were given pictures of the pebbles which they needed to find. It was a cold morning indeed.

Then at 9am we went for a walk up to Dunnator Castle, which is around 2 miles away from the beach where we were. It was a beautiful place and we learnt about how the castle used to look, as it is now in ruins. Then we walked to Mackie Academy, a Secondary School in Stonehaven where we are having an exchange (which started back in March 2018) with Scottish students who are learning French.

We were greeted by the teachers and the pupils outside the school and they had our names written down so that we could recognise each other. The students had already exchanged letters last month, and had had a chance to know a little bit about each other. We had lunch all together, lovely lunch provided by Mackie Academy. Then, our students joined the classes of their correspondents, to get a feel of how a British school works. We were taken for a tour around the school: we saw the library, the language and music department, the swimming pool, the theatre,…

French and Spanish teachers Kathryn and Greig had organised everything. Our students seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Going to Mackie Academy and mixing with Scottish kids was a real success. We would like to thank Language Travel Tours, and in particular the organiser Clare Plaister, for making this exchange possible for the second year in a row.

After the school exchange, some of the Scottish pupils decided to join our group as we walked back down to the beach area to have an ice cream at Auntie Beties, the most popular ice cream shop in this area. It was fascinating to see our kids integrating so well with the Scottish students.

On the second day of our trip we visited the city of Aberdeen. The contrast between the old buildings and the modern ones is breathtaking. We had a look at some of the granite buildings, like Marischal College which is one of Aberdeen most iconic buildings in this area.

We also saw the harbour, one of the oldest and busiest in Europe due to the oil and gas industry in this area.

We visited the Maritime museum which has a beautiful view of the harbour and also a smaller museum called Tolbooth museum, where we learnt about the Medieval era.

We had a guided tour of the city with a local guide called Rhona, who showed us the main sites: the theatre, Robert Gordon University, Union Terrace Gardens,…and gave us important facts about this city.

After a stop for lunch and a bit of shopping, we headed to Castlegate to start a Mystery Murder Treasure Trail. We were asked to find clues around the city, after splitting up in small groups of 4, and we had to find out who the murderer was. It was a fun activity!

We then passed by the newest shopping center in Aberdeen, Union Square, as we we headed back to the train station to catch our train back to Stonehaven.

It was a great day and we were all happy to learn about this fascinating city.

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