Respeto, empatía, libertad de pensamiento… valores del Lycée français

Nuestro proyecto educativo forma ciudadanos respetuosos, tolerantes y empáticos. Para ello, trabajamos en proyectos humanísticos. Uno de ellos trata de hacer reflexionar a los alumnos y alumnas sobre la identidad sexual, conocer todo el abanico de expresiones de género que existen para poder entenderlos y respetarlos.

Dos alumnas han escrito un resumen en inglés sobre la charla a la que asistieron hace unos días.



Last friday, our students of 3ème had a conference about sexual orientation and gender identity. Alejandro, an expert on this topic, and Elena, a psychologist, talked about the LGBTIQ+ community, that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, pan sexual and asexual people. Both belong to an association Artículo 14.

This unusual talk helped to raise awareness and to remember our students that can be physically and emotionally attracted to people of the same sex, or to both and who can feel differently about their bodies to the way other people expect them to, for example a boy with male genitals may feel emotionally like a girl.

Our pupils enjoyed to debate and they’re looking forward to having another conference of this kind.

Next time, they’ll talk about gender equality, and everybody is very excited about the upcoming conference.